Overcoming Rising Rates: Solutions to Unlock Your Dream Home with BankSouth Mortgage


If you’ve been keeping up with the news on interest rates, you might feel discouraged about achieving your dream of owning a home. But fear not! At BankSouth Mortgage, we’re here to empower you with practical solutions that will help you conquer today’s high rates and secure your dream home. In this article, we’ll explore a range of options that not only overcome market challenges but also provide you with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

1. Seller-Paid Buydowns: Lower Payments, Strong Start

Imagine walking into your new home with a strategic advantage against high monthly payments. That’s precisely what seller-paid buydowns offer. These programs use seller contributions to reduce your interest payments, resulting in significantly lower mortgage payments within the first year or two of your loan. For instance, with our 2/1 buydown program, your mortgage payments for the first year are calculated based on an interest rate that’s an impressive 2% less than current market rates. This translates to a substantial reduction in monthly payments, giving you the financial confidence to embark on your homeownership journey. To dive deeper into seller-paid buydowns, check out our informative article on the topic.

2. Lender-Paid Buydowns: Lower Interest Rates, Significant Savings

With a Lender-Paid Buydown, during the first year of your mortgage, your monthly payments will be calculated based on an interest rate that’s 1% lower than the rate you’ll have for the remainder of the loan, which spans 30 years. This means you’ll enjoy more affordable payments for the initial 12 months in your new home, giving you a valuable financial cushion as you settle in. Importantly, the interest rate for years 2 through 30 is determined by current market rates and remains fixed for the duration of the loan. What sets the lender-paid buydown apart is that the lender covers the cost of this temporary interest rate reduction, sparing the buyer or seller from having to contribute any additional funds at closing to make it happen. It’s a win-win situation that can significantly ease the financial responsibility of homeownership in its early stages.

3. Discount Points: Investing for Long-Term Savings

Consider discount points as a valuable investment to secure a lower interest rate throughout the entire term of your mortgage. By paying funds at your loan closing, you can obtain a reduced interest rate. Unlike seller-paid buydowns, discount points provide long-term savings. You can even use seller-paid closing costs to cover this expense, making it an attractive option. Our user-friendly calculator can help you decide whether to pay discount points and determine if it’s the most effective approach to achieve your financial goals. You can also check out our article on “Paying Points” to Buy Down Interest rates.

4. Customized Mortgage Insurance: Lower Monthly Payments

If you anticipate a down payment of less than 20%, you may be concerned about higher monthly payments. However, there is a solution within reach. Opting to pay mortgage insurance upfront, rather than adding it to your monthly payment, is a strategic decision that reduces your monthly loan costs. By balancing the impact of higher interest rates, this choice ensures that your monthly payment aligns with your budget. If paying a lump sum upfront isn’t feasible, you can explore the option to buy down the monthly mortgage insurance instead, keeping your monthly payment within your budget while limiting upfront costs.

5. Prioritizing Your Desired Payment

In the midst of market complexities, shifting your focus from interest rates to monthly payments is crucial. Collaborate with our experienced loan officers to determine a comfortable monthly payment range that aligns with your financial goals. This strategy empowers you to set a clear budget, explore your affordability, and make well-informed decisions that pave the way for a successful homeownership journey. At BankSouth Mortgage, we assist customers every day – whether they’re first-time buyers, those moving to a new home, or real estate investors – in achieving their homebuying goals.

We’re Here to Help

While high interest rates may dominate discussions, numerous solutions are available. With seller-paid buydowns, discount points, and customizable mortgage insurance options, we have the tools and expertise to overcome market challenges. Remember, your focus extends beyond interest rates. Determine your desired monthly payment range and discuss the various options available to you with your BankSouth Mortgage lender.

At BankSouth Mortgage, our experienced loan officers are ready to take on the challenges presented by the current market. We offer a range of solutions designed to assist you in achieving your homeownership dreams. Get started today by applying online or contacting one of our dedicated loan officers via phone or email.

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