BankSouth Mortgage understands that a builder’s life does not fit into a standard business week, and to be a good partner and help a builder grow, we must provide a high-level of support 7-days a week. We also understand that, for builders, helping clients arrange the right mortgage with a top-notch lender can build even more goodwill. Our builder partners are as unique as the homes they build, so we create custom plans to fit each builders specific needs.

If they’re not pursuing in-house financing, builders often recommend only a few trustworthy lenders to their buyers, so we must constantly earn the right to be one of their preferred referrals. To do that, we offer very attentive, value-added service to our builder partners including:

Responsive, Personalized Service

Our Loan Officers communicate proactively and keep everyone in the know from loan origination through the underwriting process to the closing table and beyond.

Financing Guidance

We know that each client brings a different set of circumstances to the table and that each builder needs unique financing options available to serve those buyers. That’s why our Loan officers take their time with each client to ensure that they are pairing the right product with the clients’ current needs and future goals.

Greater Control

Over the loan process, our local bank culture gives us the agility to make quick decisions and the ability to consider special circumstances and potential exceptions. Our strong community standing and service-oriented culture are put to work for you!

To learn more, reach out to one of your local loan officers.

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