A Digital Mortgage Done Right: Balancing Fast, Easy and Smart

A Digital Mortgage Done Right

The best mortgage experience features equal amounts of digital convenience and personal service that ultimately put you – the homebuyer – at the center of everything.

There are many trade-offs to make when buying a home. Settling for an inefficient, impersonal, and intimidating mortgage process shouldn’t be one of them. An onslaught of new digital mortgage tools may be conditioning home buyers to expect less: trading the direct guidance of a seasoned local mortgage banker for the supposed speed of an online-only transaction.

There’s an old business adage that goes something like this: “You can get [this work] done fast, inexpensively, or with high quality. You can pick two, but you likely can’t get all three.” A similar phenomenon has been happening in the mortgage business with the rise of online mortgage solutions. Many national, “digital-first” mortgage providers expect home buyers to choose an efficient technology-led process for getting a mortgage while sacrificing the market knowledge, personal guidance, and responsiveness of working with an experienced loan officer backed by a trusted local bank.

To which, borrowers should ask, “Why should my expectations be so low?” And the answer is that many mortgage providers simply haven’t been listening to their customers enough.

Today, buyers prefer “both, and” rather than “either, or” choices when deciding between technology and human touch. Most of us prefer a blend of both digital and personal experiences when making big purchase decisions. It’s no different in the home lending business, except for one highly significant fact. For the typical homebuyer, purchasing a home is the single, most significant purchase that a person will make. It’s a purchase they may make once, or maybe a few times, over their lifetime.

That’s why it is surprising to prospective home buyers how often mortgage lenders brag about their technology but don’t place an equal emphasis on building service-based relationships with their borrowers. BankSouth Mortgage takes a different approach. Our digital tool — ReadyLoan® — is a digital platform that gives you the convenience and human support you should expect from a trusted local mortgage company.

With ReadyLoan, you can look at your mortgage options, see what you can and can’t afford, get a pre-approval, and even complete closing documents through the convenient digital portal. But you can also connect with the advisors you need involved with you along the way – a mortgage loan officer you know and trust and the real estate agent helping to find your dream home.

There are plenty of online-first mortgage providers; there are also plenty of providers that still do things the old-fashioned way without supporting technology to ease the process. But there are few that have successfully found the sweet spot blending speed, simplicity and local market insight.

BankSouth Mortgage’s ReadyLoan coupled with our superb local home loan officers is the one place that puts that balance in everything we do. It’s not just a focus on technology; it’s a focus on technology that helps our customers experience Mortgage Excellence. And by that, we mean a smooth, transparent experience that equips you with the right loan for you to successfully purchase and enjoy your new home.

Ready to experience the BankSouth Mortgage difference? Download the ReadyLoan App or contact one of our local Mortgage Loan Officers.

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