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Shachi Bhardwaj

Shachi Bhardwaj

Loan Officer


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Q&A with Shachi Bhardwaj

What made you decide to be a BankSouth Loan Officer?

I really enjoy helping people and find it extremely fulfilling to help my clients with one of the biggest decisions they will make in their lives. No two loan scenarios are alike, and I take the time to understand my client's short term and long-term goals, and to guide them accordingly.

What would you say is your biggest professional success?

No matter how difficult a loan situation is, I tend to remain calm and collected in these situations. This not only helps me solve the situation effectively but also helps reassure my anxious clients.
I am a natural problem solver, with an in-depth understanding of the unique challenges faced by non-resident borrowers who are migrating to the USA on a work visa, as well as Expats returning to the USA after an extended stay overseas.

List 1-3 reasons you are different than others in your profession.

  • I pride myself on the accuracy of my quoted fees. With me there are never any last-minute surprises.
  • I am the ultimate team player. I help my loan team in all parts of the process. I always do my own in-depth research in response to underwriter questions. When one team member is down due to being sick or overwhelmed, I jump in immediately. I also look out for my clients' interests that extend beyond the loan. It could be a title issue, a credit issue, or a visa issue - I am always looking for ways to solve my clients' problems.
  • I keep my customers informed on the latest status of their home loan without being asked. If I have to leave town, I email each agent, builder and customer individually to let them know of my plans, who they can contact in my absence, and if anything is expected of them while I am away.

List up to 3 things you enjoy doing on weekends.

I love to cook – the weekends are spent cooking for family and spoiling my Grandkids!

List no more than 5 significant awards you’ve received in your field?

I have been receiving every year since 2009, the Mortgage Bankers’ Association’s Gold Award. I am also deeply grateful to all my clients for their 5-Star post-loan reviews that consistently cite my patience, accuracy, availability, guidance, and support to them, during the mortgage process.

Bio of Shachi Bhardwaj

Shachi Bhardwaj has been in the mortgage industry since 2005 following a successful stint as an entrepreneur. During this period, Shachi has built a vast network of delighted homebuyers, realtors, and builders. She has consistently received the Mortgage Bankers Association of Georgia’s (MBAG’s) Gold Award since 2009 – an honor that is awarded to the top 1 percentile of loan officers.

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What Customers Say About Shachi Bhardwaj

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Tu C L N
Posted on June 1, 2023
Working with Shachi has been such a positive experience. As a first time homeowner, I felt well informed throughout the process due to Shachi's expertise and guidance. I greatly appreciate how responsive, professional, and patient Shachi and her team are. I highly recommend working with Shachi!
Prasad G
Posted on May 21, 2023
Presented a number of alternative options, answered questions, gave some good pointers. Support team was also helpful.
Rajesh R
Posted on May 1, 2023
Shachi is very knowledgeable and helpful. Being a first-time homeowner, Shachi helped me to understand the process and clarified all my questions.
Ashante I
Posted on April 29, 2023
Shachi was attentive, professional, and knowledgeable. She was always available to answer any questions I had and provided me with helpful advice and guidance. She also helped me secure a great interest rate!
Ravi R
Posted on March 30, 2023
Awesome service
Shilpa T
Posted on February 20, 2023
Shachi was an absolute delight to work with. Herself and her entire team were always ready to help and are unmatched. They are knowledgeable, patient and got me the most cost effective deal possible. Top notch service. Thank you Shachi and team!
Kimberly K B
Posted on January 26, 2023
Shachi, was kind and informative. Helped us out every step of the way with a not so seamless VA mortgage.
Michael S B
Posted on January 25, 2023
I’m not going to go into our story, but I can tell you during what was turning into a very bleak and “we might have to abandon our retirement home” due to the sudden turn of economy, etc, Shachi, who was referred to us, literally save us immensely. We had already talked to many others about a mortgage loan from a transferred of a construction loan and only she was able to not only help us, she also was able to keep us in our “ballpark” while the VA did the usual bureaucratic red tape for a lot longer than anyone expected. Shachi went above and beyond! Many thanks.
Cameron D S
Posted on January 4, 2023
Very quick and straightforward. My only complaint was that paperwork required for closing was not clear (Closing disclosure vs ATLA - which was previously accepted) and almost held up closing if I didn't panic call 10 people to get the correct version of the exact same form.
Edra S
Atlanta - GA
Posted on December 21, 2022
Shachi was an absolute pleasure to work with. Her relaxed and cheerful demeanor helped to put me at ease and was invaluable during my most stressful moments. I deeply appreciated her accessibility and her patience. She always took the time to answer my questions and to explain the process in terms I could understand. Shachi is an absolute treasure. I would not hesitate to work with her again. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a lender.

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