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Cleveland Miller

Cleveland Miller

Loan Officer

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Q&A with Cleveland Miller

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

For me it is making it out of my childhood and where I am today. I grew up in a great home but experienced tragedy at a young age. Even though it has shaped me, it didn’t destroy me.

What do you enjoy doing on the weekends?

I am an endurance athlete at heart so running is a big piece of my weekend. I also enjoy escaping to the mountains to explore along with relaxing at home with the family

Who is someone you admire and why?

My wife. She works full time even though she doesn’t have to, she cooks for us every night and is sweet and loving towards our children even in her most stressed out moments.

Flashback to when you were 10 years old. What do you want to be when you grow up? Why?

I wanted to be a police officer because the thought of helping people was really fun. Also the car chases that my grandfather told me about when he was in law enforcement made me want to do that as well.

Bio of Cleveland Miller

With a history of project management, Cleveland is able to look ahead and be proactive if issues are to arise. He keeps everything on track all while working to make sure the borrower has a smooth and enjoyable loan experience.

What Customers Say About Cleveland Miller

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Allison C V
Posted on December 5, 2022
Great customer support and a stellar team that gets the job done!
William Z G
Posted on December 3, 2022
Cleveland and Banksouth have been a joy to work with! They listen, pay attention to the details, and execute quickly with positive attitudes.
Andrew R S
Posted on December 1, 2022
Cleveland is awesome! He helped us every step of the way and made sure we got all the information we need. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.
Steven H C
Posted on November 22, 2022
Cleveland is great
Carole M B
Posted on November 21, 2022
Cleveland was great. I contacted him when I started my house build. He stayed in contact with me for the year it took to build the house, checking the progress and alerting me to mortgage rate changes. And there were a few! He helped me by locking into a rate before the house was completed. I highly recommend Cleveland as a mortgage broker and great source for financial real estate concerns.
Jason T G
Posted on November 4, 2022
Cleveland was very responsive, concise in what his team needed and very friendly. Will be looking to do more business with him in the future
Todd M R J
Posted on October 12, 2022
Cleveland was immensely helpful and readily available to answer any questions via phone, text, or email. In addition to being professional, knowledgeable, and prompt, he made each interaction enjoyable. I will happily recommend Cleveland Miller and BankSouth Mortgage to anyone looking to purchase a home. Thank you!
Brett A S
Posted on September 8, 2022
Cleveland is a wizard. Don’t know how he made everything happen so fast so that we could make an offer on our house. Great communication too.
Hillary A S
Posted on August 26, 2022
Cleveland and his team did a great job of guiding us through the sometimes tricky and disorienting process of converting a construction loan to a mortgage! We sincerely appreciated his patience since it took us a bit longer to complete our projects since we were working on them ourselves!
Christina C R
Posted on August 13, 2022
Cleveland was a pleasure to work with. He stayed in contact with us and help to make our home buying process go smoothly. We would highly recommend him!

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