How Real Estate Attorneys are Making Closings Safe for Everyone

During the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic in Georgia, the real estate and mortgage industries have made rapid changes in order to keep the market going during a difficult time. To keep our promise for every borrower to Experience Mortgage Excellence, we want to keep you informed on these changes. To keep customers safe, our local closing attorneys are offering multiple ways to close mortgage loans. Here are just a few ways attorneys and title companies are changing their processes to continue to offer various formats of in-person closings.

• Open conference rooms
• Outdoor closings
• Drive-up closings

Traditional Conference Room Closings

Many of our closing attorneys are continuing to offer in-person closings that take place inside the closing attorney’s office. The attorneys and their staff have implemented sanitizing and social distancing procedures to ensure the safety of everyone. Many closing firms are leaving all doors to and from the lobby open Borrowers will be provided with a new pen or may be asked to bring their own pen to prevent reuse. If you bring your own pen, it must be blue ink. In most purchase and sale closings, borrowers and sellers are signing in separate rooms to reduce having too many people in the conference room at once. Closing attorneys are also limiting closing attendees to include only the necessary parties in the room to comply with all safety guidelines set forth by the local, state, and federal governments. Additionally, some firms may ask that you call the office before coming inside in order to limit the number of people in the lobby or hallways at one time.

Outdoor Real Estate Closings

Some attorneys are offering outdoor closings at their offices. We have seen them range from being set up outside their lobby at a table to conducting closings under a tent in their parking lot. Firms are sanitizing tables and chairs between closings. Attorneys have also been placing only the necessary items on the closing tables such as hand sanitizer and closing papers. Again, it’s a good practice to bring your own pens (blue ink) to the closing.

Drive-Up Real Estate Closings

Additional precautions are being taken by some attorneys by conducting closings in their parking lot in the form of a drive-up. Borrowers and sellers are asked to stay in their car to sign the closing documents while the closing attorney and witness are outside the car. Closing attorneys are still able to offer the same level of service while practicing social distancing.

Alternate Forms of Real Estate Closings in Georgia During the COVID-19 Pandemic

During the Coronavirus pandemic, BankSouth Mortgage and closing attorneys are also offering other forms of closings, including secure video conferencing, Power of Attorneys, and mail-away closings. Not all attorneys will offer all these options.

Borrowers should discuss all available closing options with their lender and their closing firm.

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